April 9, 2024

Protecting Our Freedom

Anthony Watson was hosted by the Michigan Tech Turning Point USA chapter and gave a presentation entitled "Protecting Our Freedom"”" to a crowd of about 50 people in the audience on March 28, 2024.

Anthony Watson is a former Winter Olympian who made history as Jamaica's first-ever skeleton athlete. However, after he started advocating for conservative values, he was canceled and lost all of his Olympic sponsorships. Consequently, Anthony had to change his direction in life and focus on confronting leftist ideology and winning the culture war. Currently, he co-hosts Turning Point USA's popular series, Campus Crashers, and travels the country with their Live Free Tour. Both the series and tour aim to encourage high school and college students to stand for the truth when faced with adversity. Anthony's work has gained widespread media attention, and he has appeared on Newsmax, One America News, and Real America’s Voice on numerous occasions.

Protecting Our Freedom with Anthony Watson
Standing Up to Tyranny with Yeonmi Park
Map of the Upper Peninsula with the location of Houghton highlighted