Saving Women's Sports: Presentation by Riley Gaines

April 9, 2023

All-American swimmer and women's rights activist, Riley Gaines, visited Michigan Tech and gave a memorable presentation entitled "Saving Women’s Sports" on April 3. This brave young woman (22 years old) shared her stories from the times when she competed and was forced to share a female locker room with transgender swimmer Lia Thomas. Riley also revealed how she is fighting to preserve women’s sports in a day and age where "woman" is an undefined term. As some of you probably know, Riley Gaines has risen to national attention for speaking out against trans athletes competing in women's sports. You will enjoy listing to her presentation.

While our event went rather smoothly this time, with quiet protesters, mostly outside of the building, it is not always this way at every university. Riley was just physically and verbally assaulted on April 6 at San Francisco State University after giving the same presentation. Fox News describes this attack.

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