Be Brave: Presentation by Brandon Tatum

March 25, 2023

Brandon Tatum visited Michigan Tech and gave a memorable presentation "Be Brave" to the students, faculty, staff, and local community on Tuesday, March 21. He is a former Tucson Police Officer and co-founder of BLEXIT, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of the youth of urban and minority communities. Brandon is also the founder of TatumReport, host of "The Officer Tatum Show," and CEO of three companies. He has become one of the most prolific speakers and exciting personalities on social media, producing a Facebook video that received over 70 million views. Mr. Tatum has a tremendous following of over 3 million people spread across various social media platforms.

He was invited by Caleb Glenn, the President of the TP USA Chapter at Michigan Tech. Caleb and the TP USA Chapter successfully raised funds to cover the cost of bringing Brandon Tatum to Michigan Tech. Below is the recording of this event.

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