Facing the Progressives

October 18, 2022

In preparation for Dr. Scott Atlas’ visit, students spent a lot of time drafting flyers and came up with a good design. At the same time, the headquarters for Turning Point USA (TP USA) offered alternative posters of very professional design and shipped many printed flyers to us. The entire event was also co-hosted by the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter at Michigan Tech, with assistance and financial support from us, Huskies for America.

The students were already aware of challenges they might face with the advertisement of Dr. Scott Atlas’s lecture. The first time the students noticed a problem with our posters being taken down was for the 9-11 Memorial Event organized by YAF students. For instance, all the posters in Walker were taken down before September 11. The students did not canvasse campus to see if the problem was broader. Overall, they knew they were going to have to monitor flyers advertising the lecture of Dr. Scott Atlas.

They did not expect, however, the gravity of attacks. The picture below summarizes what was done against Scott Atlas and our students including removing our posters, putting up anonymous posters with misleading stories, encouraging students not to attend, and even posting hateful flyers under the name of TP USA:

All posters in the WADS building were taken down. Students put up posters three times in the Chem Sci building. The battle in Fisher was a week long, and students and advisors were constantly replacing posters in Fisher. This was an ongoing battle taken on by many. The students went through other engineering buildings five or six times. On Monday, October 3, all the posters were gone in the MEEM, DOW and Chem Sci buildings. All of the posters put up in Walker and Rozsa were taken down, and students gave up on those two buildings. While people waited outside the Scott Atlas lecture event, the poster removers were milling about on the periphery. When one of our students approached them, they ran off. When we came out of the presentation, every poster in Fisher was gone.

Huskies for America has identified the student group under the name of Keweenaw Socialists who are responsible for this poster vandalism, and the case is under further investigation at Michigan Tech.

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