Dunking Socialism by TPUSA

September 15, 2022

Many socialist ideas are gaining traction in the United States in recent years such as "free" college, government-run health care, and a guaranteed income for everyone, even for healthy people who just don’t want to work. Shocking statistics among millennials suggest about 70% of them would back an openly socialist candidate for office. A biased education system in schools and universities that indoctrinates rather than educates combined with socialism’s false promises to fix every social problem, as well as incessant promotion by politicians, pop culture and the media are to blame. Those of us who experienced socialism first-hand and those who received proper education know that socialism has failed everywhere for more than a century, from the former Soviet Union through the Eastern Bloc of Central and Eastern Europe, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America to modern-day North Korea and Venezuela.

Our two pro-freedom and pro-capitalism student organizations, Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) and Turning Point USA (TPUSA), contest many myths and show the realities of socialism, an ideology that could jeopardize the great engine of innovation that comes from free economic and social systems and that has driven the tremendous growth and development we now enjoy in the United States. Unfortunately, socialist ideology is flourishing on Michigan Tech campus. On September 15, the students held an activism event called "Dunking Socialism with TP USA." Neary 90 students turned out for this event and threw balls at the President of the TP USA MTU chapter, Caleb Glenn, sitting in a 400-gallon dunk tank. Several students hit the target as we all watched Caleb getting dunked.

Huskies for America is committed to supporting students whose activities and debates lead to the enlightenment of misguided and misinformed students, and counter the falsehoods some students learn from professors, the media, and pop culture.

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