Leaderhip Institute conducted training on leadership with students, faculty, and staff

February 1, 2022

Photographs of Leadership Institute training event

Ms. Carly Tomaine, Director of Youth Leadership Schools at the Leadership Institute, came to the Michigan Tech campus on Saturday January 29 and conducted training on leadership with students, faculty, and staff. Twenty participants, including 14 students representing Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) and Turning Point USA (TP-USA), attended three-hour workshops that covered the following topics:

  • Recruitment -- Finding your people
  • Communication -- Developing a winning message
  • Leadership -- Learning to lead
  • Campaign -- Mobilizing your vote
  • Activism -- Activating your campus

The event was sponsored by the Young Americans for Freedom. A continental breakfast before the morning session and a lunch between the sessions were provided, thanks to the donations from alumni, faculty, staff and locals collected last year by the Huskies for America.

General consensus among participants was that the workshops were great and very beneficial to our programs at Michigan Tech. Many initiatives and ideas on recruiting new student members and increased visibility of student organizations presented by Carly Tomaine were well received; they will be implemented by students and faculty in spring and fall, and beyond 2022. The participants of the workshops were awarded with free tickets to the Michigan Tech – Bemidji State hockey game (won by Michigan Tech 5-2).

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