K-Day Event

September 10, 2021

Photographs of students at K-Day

Keweenaw Day 2021 (Camp K-Day) took place this year at Chassell Centennial Park on September 10. This annual tradition for Michigan Tech student organizations takes place on the Friday of the week of Labor Day. This year more than 200 organizations and groups presented their programs and planned activities for the current academic year. Huskies for America, together with a representative from the Leadership Institute, assisted Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) in promoting individual freedom, limited government, free enterprise and traditional values. They also entered an alliance with Turning Point USA (TP-USA). Both YAF and TP-USA attracted more than 200 new students who support traditional values, freedom and capitalism. Huskies for America is proud of this success, and is fully dedicated to work with YAF and TP-USA to restore conservative voices on Michigan Tech's campus.

There was an unfortunate incident in which a student attacked the Turning Point USA booth, part of which was captured on video. In response, Dr. Drelich wrote this letter to President Koubek seeking action against the attacker and support for the conservative members of the campus community.

Protecting Our Freedom with Anthony Watson
Standing Up to Tyranny with Yeonmi Park
Map of the Upper Peninsula with the location of Houghton highlighted